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Brian Thomas-Peter

Brian is a clinical and forensic psychologist, an academic and manager of mental health services. He now lives on Bowen Island writing novels drawing on his professional experience, using themes of historical conflict, social justice, human frailty and resilience. His last novel, The Kissing Fence (Caitlin Press 2020), was nominated for the Scotia Bank Giller Award and reveals a human story of the Doukhobor community in BC during the 1950s to modern times, illustrating the passage of trauma from one generation to the next and the struggle to overcome it. Current projects involve writing children’s ghost stories in partnership with grandchildren, and researching a new novel involving a prominent historical figure whose popular persona does not reveal all that should be known

  • Brian is a featured participant in the Saturday, August 6 Luncheon Panel, Seeking Truth in Story: a panel discussion exploring how we write and perceive truth in poetry and prose 

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