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Daniela Sorrentino

Daniella Sorrentino is a podcaster and film maker. She writes and produces the podcast She Speaks Volumes; the primer for 500 years of feminist history, theory and philosophy, and the soon to launch podcast The Amuseum, explorations in myths, magic, and meaning.  She was the director and co-creator of Bowen Fables, shadow puppet films based on the truths, myths and rumours of Bowen Island, with the Bowen Island Museum and Archives.  Daniella is currently making another shadow-puppet film Red Skirt with poet Ariel O’Sullivan, and is writing a fictional podcast called Prologue,  a magical-realist mystery set on Bowen Island.

  • Daniela will be reading two brief excerpts from a podcast and from a motion-picture scripts and discussing what she has learned writing for both mediums and the freedom of podcasting for writers, directors, and producers on Saturday afternoon.

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