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How to Bring Characters Alive in Fiction, Non-Fiction and Memoir
With Julie Burtinshaw

Join Julie for this interactive, and stress-free workshop on creating believable characters. Her motto is "writers write," and participants should show up with a pen, paper, a treasured object, and their imaginations. In this workshop, you will learn and practice different techniques to develop well-rounded, realistic, and engaging characters.

Through a series of exercises focusing on POV, perception, description, and voice, you will have the opportunity to write and share your work. Questions, comments, and discussions are encouraged throughout the process. The more involved you feel, the more successful will be your writing outcomes, so park your inner critic at the door, and prepare for a rewarding two hours. You will leave the workshop with both engaging characters and a strong sense of accomplishment and excitement about your writing.


Julie Burtinshaw is an award-winning author of seven novels for young adults, including The Darkness Between the Stars, The Perfect Cut, The Freedom of Jenny, Adrift, and Dead Reckoning. She has been shortlisted for many awards, and is the recipient of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, Best Book for Teens and the Stellar Book award, among others. Her last book, Saying Good Bye to London was recognized as one of the five best books in British Columbia for young adults by the BC Book Awards, (2018). A graduate of the prestigious SFU Writer’s Studio, Hangman; The True Story of Canada’s First Executioner, is her first book of creative non-fiction.

Julie is facilitating the workshop, How to Bring Characters Alive in Fiction, Non-fiction and Memoir, on Saturday morning, September 16, at 10 AM. To register, click here.

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