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Thursday Duo

Thursday Duo is Peter Tolliday and Mike Spindloe, two Vancouver musicians with a combined 80 or so years of experience in diverse musical settings. They began playing together in the summer of 2018, gradually developing a thoughtfully curated repertoire of  traditional folk and bluegrass tunes as well as classic rock and pop, blues and jazz standards, all showcasing their unique blend of vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar interplay.


Both Peter & Mike are accomplished multi-instrumentalists. Peter took violin lessons for several years as a child before convincing his parents to buy him a set of drums, and years of drumming in touring bands brings a strong rhythmic sensibility to his rhythm and lead guitar playing. He currently drums and sings with Wednesday At Ernies. Mike has classical training as a saxophonist and experience in virtually every musical genre; he is also a long-time member of the Madison Blues Band and leads the 4Ground Saxophone Quartet, but has the most fun simply singing and playing the guitar these days.

  • Thursday Duo will perform at the Festival Gala on Saturday evening, August 6.

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