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Tina Overbury

Tina Overbury is a storyteller, performer, and a professional listener who works with narrative and story structure as a vehicle for human connection. Her work is rooted in Myth, Mysticism, and the practice of personal faith. She is devoted to global reconciliation through the exploration of origin stories, oral history and communication as a sacred practice. Tina is a co-host of GATHER for HER with PowHERhouse, an Indigenous and non-Indigenous house of leaders for global impact where her solo-show OMYGOD about the women we burned, the babies we buried and the Gods we worship enjoyed its global premiere during FireCircle 2021. Her book STORY STONES is due for release in January 2022. 

  • Tina will facilitate the workshop, The Myth You Were Made For, on
    Sunday, August 8

  • Tina is a featured presenter on Sunday evening.

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