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You can leave your car at home and take public transit to Horseshoe Bay. When you arrive on Bowen, you arrive in the heart of Downtown Snug Cove, and within a few minutes walk to the Festival venue. Most shops and restaurants, Crippen Regional Park, trails and beaches are all within walking distance from the ferry terminal.

Public Transit to Horseshoe Bay

The West Vancouver Blue Bus numbers 250 Horseshoe Bay and 257 Horseshoe Bay Express provide regular daily service between Downtown Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay. Please visit Translink for current schedules and trip planning information.

Catching the Ferry

The Queen of Capilano, the Bowen Island ferry, leaves Horseshoe Bay between the hours of 5:50 AM. to 10:30 PM The crossing time is 20 minutes. All tickets include return fare and when you depart Bowen, you will not be asked to show your receipt. Be aware that in Horseshoe Bay ticket sales close 10 minutes prior to the scheduled sailing and sometimes there are lineups to purchase tickets, so give yourself enough time. For more information, and ferry schedules, click here.


Bowen boasts a mix of BNBs, from rooms to cottages to waterfront homes. Visit the Tourism Bowen Island for listings.



Please tread lightly on our island, as we live in a sensitive natural environment, which we call home. We encourage you to rely on public transit whenever possible. If you do bring a vehicle to the island, please adhere to all posted signs. The roads on Bowen are curvy and are shared by deer, humans and others creatures. Please treat our community as you would your own home town, with respect and understanding that you are a guest. We are a warm and welcoming place and wish you a terrific visit to these shores.

To find out more about Bowen Island, please visit the Tourism Bowen Island website.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Bowen Island, can be found here.

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