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Choosing a Publishing Path with K. A. Wiggins

Learn from the past, peer into the future, and define your personal motivations and publishing goals with this whirlwind workshop on how best to share your creativity with the right audiences. We'll hash out the dreams (and unspoken assumptions) we bring to publishing, take a quick tour through publishing history, and survey the (many!) current and emerging publishing pathways available to us (including traditional, independent/self-publishing, hybrid, short, serial, pre-professional, & more) in order to match them up to our personal and professional goals. We'll finish with a review of next steps toward the most common publishing pathways, and Q&A.


K.A. Wiggins (Kaie) is the president of the Children's Writers & Illustrators of British Columbia Society, serves on the board of Word Vancouver Festival of Readers and Writers, and teaches with the Creative Writing for Children Society. She writes award-winning speculative short fiction and novels for children, teens, and all-ages/adults, and is best known for her “climate apocalypse + monsters in dystopian Vancouver” gothic YA Fantasy series Threads of Dreams. Her short fiction has appeared in Fantasy Magazine, Frozen Wavelets, the NoSleep Podcast, and The Fairytale Magazine, among others. Find her at or @kaiespace.


Kaie is facilitating the workshop, Choosing a Publishing Path on Sunday afternoon, September 17, at 1:30 PM. To register, click here.

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