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Screenwriting: Scene Construction with Michael Nankin

The scene is the building block of the script. Each scene must move character and story forward and have its own internal structure. A well-crafted scene is a little three-act play. We'll perform forensics on scenes from films and talk about how they work in the context of the whole script. We'll write a scene as a group and see if it holds together. 


Michael Nankin has been a writer/director/producer of film and television for 45 years. His credits include: Picket Fences, Life Goes On, Battlestar Galactica, Hell On Wheels, Billy The Kid, Csi, The Good Lord Bird, and many others. He has learned that no matter how much technology and style change, one thing is steadfast: the scene has to work. He lives on Bowen Island.


Michael is facilitating the workshop, Screenwriting: Scene Construction on Sunday afternoon, September 17, at 1:30 PM. To register, click here.

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