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Stories From a Life:
A Generative Writing Workshop

with Taslim Jaffer

In this fun and hands-on workshop with creative nonfiction writer Taslim Jaffer, you will create an inventory of life stories and learn how to transform them into engaging memoir pieces. Over the two hours, you will explore a variety of generative techniques like free-writing, writing to carefully-curated prompts and visual mapping, and practice working with literary tools borrowed from fiction and poetry to craft true stories. Come with a notebook and a willingness to meet yourself on the page! This workshop is open to writers of all stages and genres.

Taslim Jaffer is a writer, editor and writing instructor from Surrey, B.C. with bylines in Macleans, CBC, WestCoast Families, Peace Arch News & more. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from University of King's College, and is the winner of the 2022 Creative Nonfiction Collective contest and recipient of a 2021 Silver Canadian Online Publishing Award. Taslim has been teaching memoir and expressive writing in community and rehabilitative settings since 2015 and is a panelist, moderator and instructor at literary arts festivals. She is co-editor of the forthcoming anthology, Back Where I Came From (Bookhug*Press, 2024). 

Taslim is facilitating the workshop, Stories From a Life: A Generative Writing Workshops, on Saturday afternoon, September 16, at 2 PM. To register, click here.

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